I lost my drone…

It wasn’t just a drone for me. Loved my Mavic Pro. And now it is lost at the bottom of the river… The case was yesterday. I woke up in the morning to catch the golden hour at the Crookhaven River. I have done it so many times before but now… Don’t know how it could happen. It has just switched off in the middle of the river. Signal was lost and I saw it falling half of the mile in front of me. It was quite devastating. Watching its last moments through its camera was terrible.

It’s all because of my irresponsibility!!! I should’ve charged it fully, I shouldn’t have used it for so long ignoring all the indicators!!!

I just, just don’t know how to deal with depression right now. We had so many memories and nice shots together. Just look at that.

Cannot stop crying. I would probably need some therapy to forget the loss.

Nonetheless, from my crazy experience I have a few recommendations for you:

1)Never, just never ignore indicators, which tell you to get the drone back.

2)Never fly near to the trees. Picture in your DJI Go can not give reasonable information about real distance to the objects.

3)Fly responsibly. Check the area where you are going to fly for the network and obstacles.