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Pitbulls are massive, pitbulls are scary - here what I hear from all the people who see my dog for the first time. Yes, definitely, this dog is breeded for fighting. And my purpose there is to convince you, that these dogs are lovely and cute friends.

Dogs are constantly barking, but my wife loves them. For two years we were trying to find a compromise. And yet we’ve found. Basenji breed. We have bought an adult 3 y.o. dog in a breed. So we knew what to expect from her character.

Sometimes I feel lonely, when my Good Boy is in another room. What are the drawbacks of sleeping with dog?

As soon as the breeders' door opened, the puppy ran out onto the landing, stood on its hind legs, wagged its tail, and was full of joyful emotions. I took the baby in my arms, he was not taken aback, he wagged his tail and smelled me. The boy must be 4 months old from day to day. Checked his bite, he was normal...