Living with a Pitbull on daily basis

Pitbulls are massive, pitbulls are scary - here what I hear from all the people who see my dog for the first time. Yes, definitely, this dog is breeded for fighting. And my purpose there is to convince you, that these dogs are lovely and cute friends.

I breed pitbulls for 11 years now. So I would say, that I know everything about them, starting from special diet, finishing by training programs and so on. My first pitbut was called Suzy, a girl with a perfect temper, but with dozens of health diseases: itchy skin, infections. It means infinite visits to pet doctors, a lot of money. Vas is my new dog. He is 7 years old. I do train him for competitions. He wins medals most of the time.

Dog has no odor, he is quite clean dog. His teeth are still good. I don’t brush his teeth, I just let the bones do the work. I let him to watch TV-shows with me. He is a good companion and friend.

Ves is never lazy, I mean, if I call him he comes. Any time he is ready to play or go for a walk.

Walking. I walk Ves 3- 4 times a day. He needs to be active to stay feet, otherwise dog feels unhappy. The first thing I do in the morning - I walk Ves, then I come to work. While I am working, my neighbour walks with him. And then in the evening the same procedure.

Diet. Vas eats basically raw meat and bones. I do supplements as well: coconut oil, organic oil, digestive enzymes and so on. Dog eats better than I do in some cases. A raw diet is excellent. It cleans the dog for sure. The weight management is a lot easier.

Aggressiveness. I always tell to people, that they need to know the history and respect the Pitbull breed. Dog must feel him on the same level with you, otherwise he won’t listen to you. I never let him walk along the street without being on a leash. Accident could happen any time, so I must control him. He is still aggressive with some other dogs. But the more I train him, the more confidence about his behaviour I feel. It is a fighting dog and you need to take that into consideration.

Training. On the weekends we do obedience and protection work. And during simple mundane walks I also play with him using rings or balls. Usually I focus on obedience. Sometimes I give him to the club, where he is trained for protection and all other stuff I don’t have enough experience in.

So you need to feet certain criterion to own such a dog:

- age 25-55 yo.

- know how to train the dog.

- be mostly active and be ready to spend up to 4 hour per day for a dog.

- have garden to train the dog. You cannot leave him inside for more than 6 hours.