Owning non barking dog. Personal experience.

Dogs are constantly barking, but my wife loves them. For two years we were trying to find a compromise. And yet we’ve found. Basenji breed. We have bought an adult 3 y.o. dog in a breed. So we knew what to expect from her character.

The character is a little bit floppy, but still. Basenji breed is known for it’s proactivity, combat character and inquisitiveness. For our family it is not a big deal (We have 4 children who need attention 24 hours 7 days per week. I would say, dog is a little bit tired sometimes, not saying about kinds. Two birds with one stone so to say.

About “Non barking”. It is true. However, no one said us, that this dog is not 100% silent. It is NOT. It whines, growls, chortles, yodels – and screams. Yes. It's a sound that can get old really fast! Here is the real truth 

(real sounds of Suzi)

So, if you are searching for non barking dog, you are searching mystery. All dogs sound, some of them noisier, some quieter. SO You need Basenji if:

- you have a lot of free energy to pull into this dog;

- you need a dog which is independent, but still loves when you are playing with it;

- you are used to awkward noises, which can scare sometimes;

- you love dogs.