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The end of December 2018 turned out to be frosty in Toronto. The temperature in minus 11 degrees at high humidity left its mark on my impressions. I first set foot on Canadian land and was surprised, because I expected to see more “mild” weather.

We are going to have a trip around Ireland for 5 or less days together with my girlfriend. We don’t really have anything that we MUST see. We just want to have a nice trip all around this beautiful country. Friend recommend us to visit Laragh, Dingle, Doolin. Could you please suggest us the best trip starting from Dublin?

This report will be about a short (only 1 day) but very pleasant and intense trip to Paris. Why Paris? We fell in love with France from the first trip, so now vacationing after a vacation is slowly going down the hill and visiting all of its parts :) This time Paris fell out.

In my opinion, the place Laguna Tara or Salar de Tara is the best place where you just need to go to any tourist who came to the north of Chile, to the town of San Pedro de Atacama. Of course, at the hearing of the Moon Valley and swimming in the saturated salt Laguna Cejar y Tebinquinche.

Me with my wife took a train from Podgorica to Belgrade. We’ve searched a lot about tickets, accomodation. But there is little information about all that stuff on the internet. Here is why I am actually writing this post. There are many blogs and articles describing the beauty of this ride , so i will leave out that part from this.

Planning a picturesque trip to Alaska in June. Consider telling me what are the most beautiful roads there?

I’ve been doing alpinism for 3 years now. This time me with my father decided to leave the continent to have a few memories from Caucasus. The decision was unexpected and we liked it at once. In this story I want to share with you some points from our trip and warn about some stuff. So, let’s go!

The first advice to follow, when you come to Asian country: “The place where are the biggest amount of locals is the tastiest one”. We decided to follow that rule. And rushes…