Toronto from the first look

The end of December 2018 turned out to be frosty in Toronto. The temperature in minus 11 degrees at high humidity left its mark on my impressions. I first set foot on Canadian land and was surprised, because I expected to see more “mild” weather.

My friend, who lives in the northern suburbs of Toronto, said that if I ordered a taxi by Viber, then a taxi driver of Indian origin would come to me, some Said, who for $ 40-50 will take me to my destination. Everything went according to plan, until I asked the taxi driver’s name. He turned out to be Ali. When I asked where Said was, he said: “Do not worry, Said my brother, he is a day off today and if necessary, it will be tomorrow.” I relaxed and we went. At first glance, Toronto made a good impression. From the airport to the desired area, led a beautiful highway. Transparent, frosty air and “friendly” architecture made the trip very informative.

The city of Toronto itself reminded me of American Seattle. A large conglomeration of huge neighborhoods or cities, combined into one "system". Already later, looking around Toronto with the CN Tower, I became firmly established in my assumption. To be precise, the city is arranged like this. The central part is the skyscrapers with Young Street, which claims to be similar to 5th Avenue. A little from the center, the city loses to the floors and goes into 2-3 storey cottages and condominiums. A few kilometers away, new areas with skyscrapers appear practically in all directions, which again, if I may say so, fall into small-scale construction. When I saw a similar construction with a multitude of houses in the “private” sector, I always considered this to be underdeveloped and backward. However, in a more or less harsh climate of Canada, it can be noted that low-floor construction has several advantages. With normal infrastructure, that is, roads, electricity, sewage and other people experience more comfort from living "on the ground", as we say, in the "cottage village" than climbing the 30th or 40th floor of the "condica". In addition, this design allows you to make the city more "discharged", more green, more friendly. Although, of course, infrastructure requirements (due to distance) are greatly increased. It is especially felt in the northern climate. The bottom line is that Toronto has its own specifics, which, I think, makes it more humane than other major metropolitan cities that I have seen.

The quarter in which I lived is called Vaughan. This is north of Toronto, represented by cottage buildings with lakes, shopping centers and golf courses. Houses are more or less the same, some are more expensive, some are a bit cheaper. But in general, it should be noted that the area is generally prosperous. Therefore, it will be difficult for me to judge all the districts of Toronto.

Immediately I want write about catering. Because of the great national diversity of the population, the cuisines of various nations of the world are very vividly represented. Having been in several restaurants, I had a very pleasant impression. All the places I visited were not expensive, but with high-quality cuisine.

By the way, Canadians are very proud of their network “Tim Hortons”, which they consider better than McDonald's. I join this opinion. The number and variety of dishes is much wider. Personally, this network seemed to me somehow more “animated” or something, more human. Although the catering, he is catering.

Stopping at the sights of Toronto, I will not say anything new. Of course, a wonderful view from the CN Tower, which for a long time has been the tallest building in the world, did not give way to the eastern skyscrapers.

The view of Toronto is amazing. Beautiful and panorama of the business district, and residential areas. Especially in the evening at sunset. They don’t take money for the ascent to the uppermost part of the tower, although they let them in at a very slow turn.

Among the museums I would like to highlight the royal museum of the province of Ontario. Not only the architecture of the building and interior decoration, but also the wealth of the collection leaves the most pleasant impression. The exhibition includes items of natural history - the skeletons of dinosaurs, minerals, and works of art - paintings, photographs, telling, including the ancient history of Canada in particular, and America in general.

The museum constantly hosts various exhibitions, some new expositions, or some new artists. Of course it is very diverse cultural life. The collection of objects of the East and India, including antique objects makes you seriously think and spend a lot of time on this hall. In general, I would like to say that you can safely devote a whole day to a visit to the museum in order to walk the halls slowly, so to speak “one after another”. By the way, I highly recommend getting a map and guides because the museum is huge and needs help so as not to miss anything.

It is impossible not to note the desire of every Canadian citizen and all Canadian society to environmental cleanliness. All the heating systems I saw used gas. In our concept, Canadians rejected heating plants in principle. The result: air, water and other surrounding nature - remarkably clean.

In many homes, the air is heated with gas heaters, and the warm air is carried through ducts and shafts to all rooms in the house. This allows you to quickly and very flexibly regulate the temperature in the whole house in general, and in each room in particular. For example, my friends can regulate the temperature in each room, depending on whether people are there or not, which makes it possible to reasonably spend expensive energy resources and love mother nature not in words but indeed.

Separately, I will say about Niagara. You can not visit Toronto and not to call on the waterfall. I was already on the Niagara from the American side, from the side of Buffalo. Of course, then I really liked the arrangement of the American side. Asphalt, catering, viewing platforms. Everything is on the level. However, it must be admitted that from Canada’s side, the waterfall looks much more serious. More “matero” or something.

There are a lot of people at the waterfall. We were at a rare moment when one of the waterfalls, the Bridal Veil, was frozen. Photographing with a background of frozen water was a very interesting attraction. Restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops - everything was packed, what is called "to the eyeballs". However, it is impossible not to pay tribute to forethought, logistics movement. Parking for cars is large, the roads are wonderful, well-thought-out interchanges. Nearby is the old building of the Nikola Tesla power plant, which demonstrated its talent and intelligence right here. In general, everything is quite interesting and fun. However, in combination with high humidity and unpleasant wind, the weather could not be called comfortable.

In general, I liked Toronto. You would never find so accurate and clean city. But at the same time I didn’t like people in Canada. Their mentality does not force you to make deep relationships with anyone, so consider the fact, that all canadians as cold as the weather in the North.