Road trip to the distant beauties of Atacama

In my opinion, the place Laguna Tara or Salar de Tara is the best place where you just need to go to any tourist who came to the north of Chile, to the town of San Pedro de Atacama. Of course, at the hearing of the Moon Valley and swimming in the saturated salt Laguna Cejar y Tebinquinche.

But these are replicated sights, easily accessible from San Pedro de Atacama on a sightseeing bus or bicycle.

And Laguna Tara is located far from San Pedro and not everyone will go there.

I think the tour costs about $ 100 per person. I don’t know much about organized tours, as I prefer to steer myself and don’t like a herd. Therefore, my article is addressed to independent tourists who will move to these places by a rented jeep.

From San Pedro you need to go east on the 27th road (any gps-navigation or offline map will show you the direction).

It should be ready that the height will be gained immediately and quickly: from 2500 meters in San Pedro, you will jump in 48 minutes over 4800 meters on the pass - the closest point to the border between Chile and Bolivia.

Then go about 180 km towards the border crossing Chile - Argentina: Paso Jama.

The congress towards the Tara Lagoon is not marked. Just record the distance travelled on the odometer. The exit from the asphalted road 27 will be noticeable to the left: after going down the serpentine road, you will see on the asphalt dusty tracks of a car leaving the desert.

The first twist point after the exit to the dirt road is called Monjes de la Pacana - this is a group of stone idols (single and group) standing on the sand.

Phallic sculptures can be photographed from different angles for quite a long time, but do not linger here - be guided by the traces of the car (the road itself is not here) and drive on.

You need to turn on 4x4 and follow the hollow between two hills to the north, and then go to the open plateau of gray sand with gravel: drive about 20 km along it. Again - focus on the tracks from the hundreds of cars that drove this way before you.

Along the way (left) there will be very photogenic rock formations and rocks with traces of weathering.

After then begin the descent to the lagoon. The descent to the lagoon is marked with stones and at the end of the way you will wait by a toilet and something similar to a veranda where organized groups usually stop to devour.

After taking a photo, move backwards (you need to be on time until dark, because you will not find a way back in the dark). Well, if the navigation is recording a traffic log, it will be possible to return via it.

Do not forget to turn from the direction several times to the right - into the rocks (to the right). Here are quaint remakes Rocks, a forest of yellow-white and red rocks.

Very beautiful. All entries are free, as box office booths have not yet been installed here. There are a couple of places where you need to be very careful: on a flat and monotonous plateau distances and invisible hollows are hidden. In one such place, a sharp descent into the hollow ends with a stone idol.

Next to him there are fragments of the bumpers of those who did not have time to brake. In one place there is a serpentine in the hollow: you have to go very carefully, because the edges of the serpentine are loose sand and you can roll over.

Overall, you need to be super careful and watch your track.