Trip from Montenegro to Belgrade by train together

Me with my wife took a train from Podgorica to Belgrade. We’ve searched a lot about tickets, accomodation. But there is little information about all that stuff on the internet. Here is why I am actually writing this post. There are many blogs and articles describing the beauty of this ride , so i will leave out that part from this.

1.Boarding Points - We were staying in Kotor and took the bus to Podgorica ( Bus Booking ) Going to Bar in the morning wasn't feasible. Plan the bus beforehand.

2.Timings - differs from site to site. The most precise timing I found only on this website

3.Booking- is pointless. All the trains are half-empty an hour before departure. Don’t worry. Their system of buying tickets allow you to buy everything on the place.

4.Class of Travel - 2 class varies from the 1 class greatly. We made a mistake booking that trip, because while buying tickets I’ve misheard 2 tickets and 2nd class, so we’ve seen the reality...

5.Fare - We paid 22 Euros per head including reservation for a 2nd class ticket. For 1st class i think its about ~12 Euros more. Cash only

6.On-board Facilities

A)Food - You can buy basics in cafe nearby. Also, about smoking. Despite the fact, that there are “non-smoking” signs everywhere, people smoke in portals.

B)Cleanliness - Here is where the difference between 1st and 2nd class is stark. 1st class is really nice and clean. 2nd class, while bearable, is definitely way dirtier

C)Restroom - Again, the ones in 1st class are super clean and nice. 2nd class has a weird flushing mechanism which i presume is why it remains very dirty ! But you can easily spend your trip walking between vagons.

D)Seats - 6 seats in each cabin. Quite comfortable, but too soft. Butt pains.

7.Sightseeing - The sights are indeed spectacular, no doubt about it ! You can infinitely stay in corridors and stare.

Tip: I would personally recommend you tto buy 1st class, but then live your stuff and go to the 2 class corridor to open windows and look at the views. They are beautiful.

8.Ticket / Passport Control - police officers check document a few times during the trip. So hold them with your tickets nearby. Passport control stops are the longest with consecutive stops at Bijelo Polje & Vrbnica taking about 25 minutes each. Remain in your seats and the police will come by and check. At Vrbnica ( the entry to Serbia ) our passports were taken away and then returned in sometime with the stamp.

9. Delays - about 30 mins everywhere - 1 hr by the time you get into Belgrade. So that's a 12-12.5 Hr ride. Our ride arrived at 8.30 PM while correct time would have been 8. The train slows down in the last couple of hours and till then is quite fast. I had also read multiple posts mentioning some bus transfer for the last leg. As of now, no such thing exists.

The trip was fantastic. Hope my experience will help some of you in the future.