Let’s test Mavic 2 drone with the distance

Hello, dear drone-lovers. Probably most of u’d ask “How far can my Mavic 2 drone fly?”. Have tested it so far. Experiment was lasting 2 days and it met my expectations.

Day #1

I live in Asheville North Carolina and the most obvious spot to test my drone was in the Great Smoky Mountains. Here are the shots:

On the dji official website they claim that Mavic 2 can fly 7-8 miles in a row and fly 500 meters high. The weather was not as shiny as I thought, so the drone had a flight for approximately 2 miles or less (I am not as risky guy as you would think).

Day #2

All day long I was busy and to relax I packed my car and moved to Blue Ridge Mountains nearby. I’m quite impressed by the quality. Now I understand that some of my dreams are coming true with this toy and I can do so gorgeous shot

Don’t know whether it is legal, but this time my drone reached the attitude of 600 meters and was flying around me for 20 minutes in the radius of one mile, while I was trying to catch right focus.

To sum up, I’m quite satisfied with the result. Maybe in the future I’ll make tougher experiment in search of limits but for now still afraid to pull it further than 2 miles))

Here is the guy who tested Mavic Pro for distance run.