After a month of using Model X my overall impression is like 70 out of 101. One hundred and one, because cars for such a price must outplay your expectations and market in general. So let’s discuss pros and cons of this car. The first thing every Tesla customer is all about while buying is, of course, its doors...

Tesla Model X. My screen freezes from time to time while driving. Yesterday I was driving in the city, while suddenly the music stopped, and pictures on the screen got frozen. I did a screen reboot by holding both scroll wheels. That did the trick. But the navigation thought the car was still at the place where the screens froze...

I've been driving my Tesla Model S for a few months now and I would like to see some tweaks to Autopilot and Autosteer that I think would be a great help to most drivers.

Hello, dear drone-lovers. Probably most of u’d ask “How far can my Mavic 2 drone fly?”. Have tested it so far. Experiment was lasting 2 days and it met my expectations.

Dji is one of the most innovative companies in video mass market today. The company fascinates with its quality and usability. So, the result is one of the best compact cameras I have ever seen - Osmo Pocket.

Pitbulls are massive, pitbulls are scary - here what I hear from all the people who see my dog for the first time. Yes, definitely, this dog is breeded for fighting. And my purpose there is to convince you, that these dogs are lovely and cute friends.

The end of December 2018 turned out to be frosty in Toronto. The temperature in minus 11 degrees at high humidity left its mark on my impressions. I first set foot on Canadian land and was surprised, because I expected to see more “mild” weather.

We are going to have a trip around Ireland for 5 or less days together with my girlfriend. We don’t really have anything that we MUST see. We just want to have a nice trip all around this beautiful country. Friend recommend us to visit Laragh, Dingle, Doolin. Could you please suggest us the best trip starting from Dublin?

Hi, want to make the same stuff as in the video. Don’t you know how to turn on this regime on Mavic drone?

Hello, everyone! I have an interesting situation to share with you. I just got the car back from a client who had a little fun with the car (don’t blame him). Long story short, he dropped the sin and decided to show a car off a little more to his family and he drove a little further he thought he would...