Tesla Model 3 first impression and floppy R driving experience

Yesterday I was lucky to get my own new Tesla 3 car. Delivery experience was excellent. Managers were cute. I had enough time to check the car. Even though I found an issue with rear driver side window that could not be rectified, I decided not to spend time and have a quick ride around the city, planning to get the car back for the service.

20 minutes ride was a joy. I have made a few U-turns, got to the speed limit and experienced many features. So, I mean got to the home without any accidents.

But, when I was entering parking, I had to make back step and the car refused to do so. I tried several times. Unsuccessful. Car I like forward-driving oriented. From that position needed external help.

Basically, then I have called Tesla. They told, that will order a tow truck for me. I waited for 30 minutes. After it has come. Still, I don’t know what is the problem. Unlucky me to bump into such a situation. Now I have to wait in a queue in Tesla service, because they are having a lot of such issues to fix.

Definitely, I would say, that I am not blaming company for that. Service is nice, but this accident made me think, that even so expensive car could have so many post-order problems. Hoping to drive my new car in one month...