Expio improves the user
experience and demonstrates
a product’s values

In today’s world, many new products form new experiences. We created Expio to help users share such experiences in a fast-paced environment and help brands demonstrate the value of their products to the end-users.



Every story and question on Expio relates to a product and category. This categorization helps users add their experience stories and find information about products more efficiently.

On Expio users can follow products that interest them. This allows users to create an experience feed that is unique to them. The targeting of followers across different products creates new opportunities for brands to interact more effectively with users.

Free platform

Products are one of the main links in the Expio ecosystem. Users can share their experience of product use for brands that are already represented on Expio. If any brand or product is not yet on Expio, users can suggest its adding. The Expio platform is free for users and always will be.


Expio helps users get more value from using products. The platform is designed to improve the user experience, promote technologies, and develop a customer culture.

Contact us

Contact us at hello@expio.me and we will immediately respond to your request.