Trip over the mountains with fully loaded Model S

I have bought Model S car two days ago and decided to test it in the battlefield on the first trip. So, we had a trip from Sacramento around Eldorado National forest with 3 adults on the board and one heavy dog). Trail Ridge tops out at 12,183 ft. All round it was 180 miles long. The car performed incredibly good, we all were in comfort. Killer Feature of this car is its noise. To be more precise, its absence. You could drive 70 mph and hear nothing.

In the middle of the trip I was a little nervous, because battery was ending faster than usually, but then I realized, that all the way till that moment was upwards, and now we were going to drive from hills. Also, we took 2 more adults on board in the middle.

You have got the idea that trip was nice, but now I want to share my observations:

- If you put a car key near your mobile device, it works poorly. Don’t know why.

- Automatic brightness works good, but when I got to the light tunnel at night, was blinded by the display.

- GPS module makes fast and precise cache when you enter areas with no signal. Still, it must be modified because interface is not user-friendly.

Nonetheless, I am glad to have this car. It fits my eco-lifestyle-position. Funny to know, that there is no need to visit fuel stations, car is charged overnight at home. By the way, look at this gorgeous charging station we have found.