Can DJI Osmo Pocket change the real camera?

Dji is one of the most innovative companies in video mass market today. The company fascinates with its quality and usability. So, the result is one of the best compact cameras I have ever seen - Osmo Pocket.

I’ve been using Dji Pocket for 2 months and now I want to share with you my experience in its usability, pros and cons. Basically, in this story you will find the answer whether it could change the professional filmmaking equipment.


Osmo is “finger-held” camera. For sure, its size is only 12cm in length. It has a 1inch screen and two small buttons. And here is the first thing, you need to buy special addings to use it with comfort. Because the touch screen is quite small to be used for manual setting. However, the market has tons of accessories for this device.


This camera has 25-28mm lens which could be compared with the 35mm on big cameras. For vlogging, it is quite ok, but I’d say, that not for everyone. For Napoleonic goals it’s not enough and you can not change lenses. Yet DJI hasn’t created such lens-module.

Sometimes frankly commiserate while looking at GoPro Hero 7 wide lens comparing it with my Osmo(((


The sound is unexpectedly good for such camera, but the emplacement of the microphone leaves much to be desired. *It is at the bottom. So, if you place it in a static position on the ground, you will probably need an extra recorder.


One of distinctive points of Osmo Pocket. It works excellent. For me personally, sometimes inconvenient to watch my footage, because auto stabilization makes me jump back and forth in the frame, like here (2:57)


To sum up, the camera is perfect for family vlogging, maybe some poor youtubers and mass-consumers. If you expect more flexibility from you video-equipment, so you would better look at the professional cameras from Panasonic which cost over one thousand dollars. DJI Osmo Pocket is a good compromise between compactness and quality. I would definitely continue using it for family shoots.