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So here we have an in depth - deep dive - mega tutorial - ultra look ... or whatever other silly name for a demo of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 400. I'll take you through each module giving some tips and ideas of how to use them (AM synthesis on the VCA is great, linear FM on the sine is great for example) and in-between each section break the video up with patches and examples both playfully dotted around the house playing out of the speaker and with direct recording explaining how to make certain patches.

So I was thinking the other day what would be good to combo with the PO Modular 400. Here is the list with my thoughts.

So I have been trying to create a jam with ONLY the PO Modular 400 and im finding it quite hard to make something outside of the typical bleeps and bloops. The sequencer is a little bit limiting and it's hard to create "sections" to build song structure like AB AB C AB. One route I am trying is to patch the square OSC to the clock in to slow things down and then up the PWM to "freeze" the note...